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"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." Psalm 119:11

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PLEASE NOTICE: This material is copyrighted. Please do not use it commercially. In other words, please don't copy it to sell. This is a gift from me to you. I am trusting you to not misuse it. Thank you!

This Bible Memory System is what I have put together and used for years to memorize many scriptures. It utilizes the method of taking the first initial of each word to provide prompts for memorizing. I have formatted 3650 scriptures in the King James Version with these initial prompts to help you in your Bible memory work. That's over one tenth of the whole Bible! There are available in Word & PowerPoint: The Word documents with the texts in a table format, and PowerPoint presentations are a slide show of the prompters, with the scripture in the notes section. With this material, you can make your own flash cards, bookmarks, slideshows. If you print out all of the texts, you have a whole book of texts with prompters to memorize! The uses are endless!

If you participate in the 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal, you will become accustomed to reviewing 10 scriptures per day. These 200 total scriptures are the most commonly memorized scriptures. You may wish to start with these. (200 favorite memory verses)

After you have the 200 texts memorized, there is a second set of 200 verses. When you want to select the verses, passage or chapter you desire to memorize, here is what you do. Open the OT or NT file below and copy and paste it into a new document. (Set margins at .5 inches top, bottom, left and right.) Save this document on your computer. You can easily add or delete from this table by selecting rows to delete, or copying and pasting from the original file. Make new documents with just the verses you choose.

The idea is to be continually working on several verses, and by printing out certain texts, you can take the promptertized texts with you for easy review.

WORD DOCUMENT: The links below are the 3650 Texts, with References, Prompts and Complete Texts, broken in 2 files, Old and New Testament. These should be easier to work with than the huge complete file below them. But they still take a while to load, so be patient. If you copy it to paste into a Word document, be sure to change all your margins to .5 inches.

http://www.wordkeeping.com/NT.htm (KJV)

http://www.wordkeeping.com/OT.htm (KJV)

Below is a link for all of the 3650 KJV Texts in one Word document with References, Prompts and Complete Text. This is a huge file. Do not attempt to open it if you have dial-up. Be patient, because it may take a while to load. You may wish to open the OT and NT files above instead.

http://www.wordkeeping.com/complete.htm (KJV)

After you open the link above, you will want to copy it to paste into a Word document. Be sure to change all your margins to .5 inches. (Once you have this file open by clicking the above link, select Edit/Select All/Copy. Then go to Microsoft Word, open new document, change margins to .5, and paste. The document will have 126 pages.)

If you are unsuccessful in opening it, please email me and I will send an email attachment.


POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS: Here are PowerPoint presentations of the 3650 texts, one for the Old Testament, and one for the New Testament. You must have PowerPoint installed on your computer to utilize this format. They are large files, and take a while to open or save on your computer. But once you have them, you can save an original file, and then make smaller presentations of just the verses you want to memorize. These are wonderful to use while exercising! Use a wireless mouse.



(Note: The + designates a chapter, the * designates a passage, as in two or more consecutive scriptures.)

May God bless you as you Hide His Word in your heart!


21 Days to Spiritual Renewal Bible Memory materials

For the 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal, you will begin receiving support emails, along with a suggested assignment of 10 scriptures to Prompterize.

There will be a total of 200 texts sent to you. Don't feel overwhelmed! These are the most widely memorized texts in the Bible, and most likely they are familiar to you, and you may have many of them already memorized. Your assignment is NOT to memorize these 200 texts, but to PROMPTERIZE them.

You may want to save these links or this page under your Favorites/Bookmarks, since you cannot get to this page from the main menu.

PowerPoint Presentation for Final Review - 200 Texts from Old and New Testaments. You can use this even if you don't have PowerPoint on your computer.

http://www.wordkeeping.com/200PP_files/frame.htm (KJV)

(This above presentation only works in Internet Explorer. If you would like to have this file emailed to you, contact me at Linda7Kirk@gmail.com)

PowerPoint Presentation: If you do have PowerPoint on your computer, you may wish to save the following file to your computer.


Word Document for 200 Favorite Texts from the Old and New Testaments, with References, Prompts and Complete Text in the King James Version.

http://www.wordkeeping.com/200.htm (KJV)

PDF Document: Cards for 200 favorite verses


MP3 files: Free MP3 audio 200 Favorite Texts

http://www.ebibleproductions.com/21 day memory mp3.zip (KJV)

Word Document: Second Set of 200 Texts for those who want more texts to memorize!(KJV)


Word Document: List of 200 References for Final Review (KJV)


Word Document: NIV - 200 Favorite Texts from the Old and New Testaments, with References, Prompts and Complete Text in the NIV.

http://www.wordkeeping.com/200-NIV.htm (NIV)

Here's a pdf flyer you can use to advertise the 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal


If you are unable to receive your daily support emails for the 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal, you can access them here:

Day 1 Day 8 Day 15
Day 2 Day 9 Day 16
Day 3 Day 10 Day 17
Day 4 Day 11 Day 18
Day 5 Day 12 Day 19
Day 6 Day 13 Day 20
Day 7 Day 14 Day 21


After the 21 days, you may wish to participate in a Final Review. The instructions for a Final Review are found below. You will need to use the Powerpoint file for your Final Review.


The final review is for those who have gone through the 21-day session. It can be planned to be a deeply spiritual Program, including scripture song music and prayer.

Here is the description of the final test:

A test administrator is selected, who will not be a participant in the final test. He/she is responsible for operating the computer of the 200 favorite scriptures. The file may be found at the Powerpoint link above.

Each participant should have in their hands a copy of the printed "Final Review Sheet" along with a clipboard and pen. They need to be prepared to circle the references of each scripture they quote correctly. (Each participant sets their own standard for what they feel is quoted correctly. Some may allow variations on words, etc. See appendix.)

The Final Review should be preceded by prayer. The test administrator is the one who operates the computer and projector (if used). He/she reads the actual text from the printed document "200 favorite scriptures." As the slide is displayed, the administrator reads the scripture in a slow, steady rate, and the participants quote along with him, if they know the scripture. Participants must not start quoting before the administrator, or race through the scripture. All must stay at the same pace as the administrator. After the completion of the slides, the score is determined by the number of references that are circled.

It is my desire that this is just the beginning of a lifetime habit of Wordkeeping. In the Complete document are 3650 prompterized texts. You can continue with 10 texts per day, and have them all prompterized in 1 year, or do 1 a day, and you will have it done in 10 years. Even that would be a wonderful accomplishment!

There is a lot of flexibility for you to find a system that works best for you. Some people work slowly until they have it memorized word-perfect, others take on a larger number of texts, and go for the prompterized level. Some move on when they can recall the main points of the text, others go more slowly until it is fully memorized. Develop a system that works for you.





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Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11