Wordkeeping - Keeping God's Word in Our Hearts

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." Psalm 119:11

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Testimonials for the 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal

Thank you for all your e-mails! I read it every morning before I start my work, and I have been blessed in the whole day! 

But this message(Day-18) is very unique for me. I experienced every word you say here, and I feel this one is too close to my situation. I found unbelievable solace and couldn't leave without answering you. Thank you again!

I just can't thank you enough and for the Wordkeeping staff who write these wonderful and meaningful, encouraging words each day that I receive them.  So look forward to getting them.

This letter today, I pray, will be a turning point in my spiritual life to move forward from the heartache of not being allowed to see the grandchildren only very few times in 8 years -to concentrating more on spending more time in the Word and focusing more on each verse that I choose each day of this 21 day journey.

I thank you for all these great verses that I receive each day.  I have cut each one to put in a photo album stand which I will keep forever.  The Lord is good and He has used my Pastor's wife and Wordkeeping to encourage and equip me to fight the battle against Satan's attacks in my life as a neglected grandmother.

Thanks a lot this blessed 21 days.  It is a real blessing and in fact i was also struggling to memorize the word of God.  This helped me a lot.  I have take the print and kept so that it will be an inspiration for me to read it again and gain and learn. I have made it a point learn at least a verse a day. 

Yes!!  The Wordkeeping was definitely helpful.  I will recommend it to my friends.  It has really energized my day and given me a new tool to keep what I read fresh.  Your introductions are wonderful. Thanks for adding to our lives!

Thank you so much for dedicating your time and energy to God's Word and encouraging others to cherish it also.  The methods you use make it so much easier to commit God's Word to memory.  And the encouraging email messages were always just what I needed for that day.  Surely God is using you in a powerful way.  God has been impressing me for some time that I need to be in the Word continually.  You're right, we can't just read it once; just like we can't eat physical food once!  Please do send me notice of your next 21 days, because I want to send it to many more people and encourage them to participate.  It has been a wonderful blessing to me.  Thank you so much.

Just wanted to quickly share my experience with you over these past 21 days. A bit of background:   My mother-in-law came to stay with us from Australia. She does this every year for nearly 6 weeks. We are thankful that she comes here and that we don't all (6 of us) have to go there and be off work, but this is a looong time to have anyone in your house. Every single year, I have frustrations by about the second week, and our family is starting to "fall apart" because of a lack of immediate-family time. I always feel guilty for my feelings and figure that "next year I will have to do better."

Anyway this year was a LOT different because right in the middle, came the "Fast from the world, Feast on the Word". Praise God! I have been at peace. Things have gone so well. Yes, I have been tired and weary at times, but the Word has always carried me through. Whenever I had a stressful moment, I would remember my Wordkeeping and immediately my mind would be put to rest; it was a miracle, it is not my strength that can bring peace to my mind.

Thank you for being used by the Lord! I can hardly wait till September to invite all my friends and family to also Wordkeep.

Thank you for encouraging me to enjoy the Word of Power. Though I am behind schedule in memorizing, the 21 days retreat has focused my mind and heart toward the Power of the Word. His promise is awesome, For He spoke, and it was done; He commanded, and it stood fast. (Psalm 33:9)

Thank you for sharing your daily edification that encouraged us to trust in the Lord and He will deliver us from our daily problems. The Lord Who created everything and upholds them by His word (Hebrews 1:3) will subdue all our problems under our feet by His word.

The Lord Jesus Christ loves you! He cares for you as you helped us to diligently seek the Lord faithfully and He shall subdue our problems under our feet.

Linda, you are indeed the Beloved of the Lord. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household. (Acts 16:31). Your retreat has greatly help me and my family members to refocus our minds and to surrender our lives to Him. As the Bible says, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household" (Acts 16:31). As I surrendered my life to the Lord, He has saved me and my household. We have become the children of the Heavenly Father as we call Him Abba, Father.

The Bible says, "The young lions lack and suffer hunger; but those who seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing" (Psalm 34:10). As you taught us to seek the Lord may you not lack any good thing and you shall be great and prosperous in life. May His Blessings and Honor follow you unceasingly all your life.

Thank you so much for this wonderful system of memorizing scripture.  Even though I fell behind, it has been such a blessing, and I will continue working on hiding God's word in my heart.  It is soooooo very, very important...especially in the times we now live in.

How has this 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal helped you?   Absolutely wonderful. · Has it drawn you closer to God? Yes   Do you appreciate God's Word more? Yes Has it helped you develop new habits that will be spiritually beneficial to you?· Were you able to read and meditate on all 200 scriptures? yes (Can you read them with just the prompts?) Most of them Have you learned spiritual truths that will help you persevere in Wordkeeping? Do you plan to continue making God's Word a priority in your life?   I use to memorize daily and I had been praying to get back into the habit and this is the first thing that has really helped me do it again, and I plan to continue but to pick my own texts... many of these I knew but not all of the texts.

Do you have any suggestions for improving the program?  Use texts on faith and trust and the promises we will all need for the last days.   Would you recommend this program for others?   I have recommended over 250 people to it..

Any other comments you may have about your experience or other thoughts will be appreciated. I am thankful for your writing skills, I do not have them and cannot even enjoying journaling.  Writing is difficult except to express a communication.  Putting down my feelings and thoughts is not easy.  You have a talent and have allowed God to use it. PTL

I would like to thank you for your messages and your encouraging words!!  These past 21 days have been such a blessing to me!  I feel closer to the Lord and more spiritually prepared for the times that are ahead.  I can now read the verses with just the prompts, and have been able to memorize many of them.  The Lord have given us so many wonderful promises!  I cannot wait to continue this program with the other verses!  I have told many family and friends about the program and have given some a copy of the 200 verses in Spanish, so that they can start at home with them. 

I want you to know that I appreciate all the time you have dedicated to this and for all of your prayers.  I have been praying for you as well.  I know the Lord is using you to reach many for His kingdom.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you in all that you do!

I started off great, learning the verse as they were easy. What you did & how you did it was great! I printed them off everyday so that I can go back & study them. They are spiritually rewarding & will bring me closer to God.   When I am not so busy with the Christian camp I am currently working at & have more time to devote to learning those harder to learn verses, it will help me to appreciate God's Word more. As for developing new habits, it is a good start; one that I need to work harder on. I do plan on continuing to make His word a priority in my life. Thank you.

How has this 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal helped you? Yes, most definitely. Has it drawn you closer to God? Do you appreciate God's Word more? Yes, I've had a Bible study time at night but I've added some time in the morning. It's helped me re-evaluate when I'm freshest and able to understand God's word the best.

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a blessing the 21 days were for me. I've been trying to post to the website but had difficulty and never got back to trying again.

Let me tell you that I've been in a spiritual drought since I lost my mother-in-law September of 06 and didn't realize that the enemy would use my emotions to try to destroy me spiritually. I've never dealt with being in a drought and then for this long. And all because I wasn't making the Word of God priority and first place in my life.

I love the Word of God so much and I knew it was because of my lack of the Word of God in my life that I was suffering. I knew it was the Lord that lead me this way, I was doing the Bible Memory which I found out about from RO's blog, and the Bible Memory website lead me to you and it was all part of God's plan because He knew what I needed. What is even more amazing is that yesterday our church began a 21 day consecration!!!!! 21 days of fasting and prayer. We'll be fasting each day and praying at the church daily and it's so amazing to me because doing the 21 days with you has prepared my mind and heart to draw closer to the Lord and I am so grateful.

Thank you for your emails they were so encouraging each day I looked forward to reading your emails and prompterizing has become part of my life. I've even started my children and Sunday School Class to doing it. I was so encouraged by your daughters. You've encouraged me to make the Word of God first again in my home life and not allow anything to come in it's place. And I've been so revived and I cannot thank you enough for allowing the Lord to use you!!!!!!

During the 21-days with our church I will be revisiting the 21-days I've just completed with you again. May God continue to bless you. Keep on keeping on, in the Word of God because you have blessed me so much.

Thank you so much for this ministry.  It is such a wonderful idea (of course, because it comes from the Lord!).  I have pursued the entire 21 days, along with the feast and fast, and find myself looking forward to my time away from the buzz of the world and in the peace of my God.  This is particularly precious since I am homeschooling my 18-year old while renovating two buildings, preparing to move, starting a neighborhood ministry, and still have my family to care for.  I have found that my sight has become clearer. I have met those who would be my enemies and found themselves discomfited.  I have met each day with hope and joy because Jesus loves me.  Praise God He chose to put it down in writing since I am made of dust and am therefore apt to crumble.

I have enjoyed doing the 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal. I homeschool and my oldest of 4 is 8yrs old. We have been doing memory verses before I started this but it has helped me to decide to challenge them with even more every day. Yes it has drawn me closer to God. I have been telling others about this wonderful program. Thank you

Thanks so much for offering this program - it is definitely a blessing, and so needed.  I didn't make it through all 200 texts.  I got a little overwhelmed with 10 day, so I took it slower (much slower actually!  Some days 4 or 5 - some days only one!).  I found that I could easily do ten if I just worked on prompterizing but if I wanted to think about the text at all or perhaps look it up to read in context to better understand it, I needed to go slower. The good news is that I really appreciate what I was able to Wordkeep and that there's no reason to stop just because the 21 days is up. This program has helped me develop new habits.  One of my commitments for feasting was to be in bed by 9:00pm so that I could be wide-awake for my devotion time instead of half-snoozing through it.  Though I didn't make it every night, this morning when the alarm went off, I was surprised to find that I didn't feel tired.  That is such a blessing! I would definitely recommend this program to others.  Thanks for ministering to us in this way!  I know I need to love and know my Bible so much better, and this is a great way! 

I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication.  I really appreciate it.  I wasn't so sure I would be able to Wordkeep, but I have done my best and am just about to the point where I can recite all 200 verses from the prompters.  I plan to keep studying until I can recite them from the chapter and verse citing.

I had been wanting to memorize scripture for some time but was not very successful on my own.  Your program has truly been an answer to prayer.  Please count me in for the September program as I know it will be well worth my time! Thanks again.

What a God sent blessing to be introduced to your ministry.

It has helped me to focus on God's promises........I got bogged down in the old testament.

I Love God's Word more and more as I study and read and reread.

I loved waking up in the am and going to the computer and there to find awesome spiritual food.

No, I cannot recite them yet............but with God's help it will come.

Yes, my priority is for my spiritual life to grow deeper and deeper.

I so appreciate your time and effort in this cyber ministry.....it's awesome.

I want nothing but God's truth to be #1 in my life because there is so much deception and

Satan's counterfiet in the world and in our churches. May God continue to guide and bless you.

Please put me on the email list again for Sept. and I have several others to add. Thank you kindly,

WOW.................what can I say?  I really thought that at the age of 70 it was impossible to memorize.  First of all, let me thank you for your prayers.  While I didn't finish the 21 days because I was interrupted by the Oregon Gladstone Camp meeting which lasted 6 days not counting travel, so we were without the internet I did complete one half of the program and have them prompterized in my 70 year old head. Yes, it has made a difference in my personal relationship to God. Yes, it has shown me the more gentle and loving God. I am now finishing the program.  The interruption of campmeeting was wonderful though and we were spiritually fed daily. Thank you for the time and effort you have put forth and especially the devotions that you sent daily.  I will be with you again come September just to go beyond the prompts and hopefully permanently have these scriptures memorized. May God continue to bless you.

Thank you so much for all the effort and prayers that you have put into Wordkeeping.  My husband and I did well  the first part.   Then we were preparing for and going to Gladstone Campmeeting.  We plan to continue on our own and join you again in September.  I have no doubt that Wordkeeping is essential for my spiritual growth. 

The only comment I have is that 10 per day seemed like alot for me unless I already knew some of them.  I'm not accustomed to prompterizing/memorizing, so at 66 it takes a bit more effort, but it does work and I had some success.  Looking forward to September! I would definitely recommend and share this program with others.

Thank you so much for the wordkeeping program you put together.  I was so richly blessed.  After the first week, I really started to notice changes in my life.   My mind would quickly turn to the words of God when situations would come up.  I claimed several of the verses as special promises just for me to gain control of appetite.  And of course God fulfilled His Word to me. I have looked forward to getting up every morning to wordkeep and my husband and I look forward to it at night together.  During the day I have even taken the list I printed out everywhere with me.  Instead of turning to a book or some other "filler" for my time, I have been reviewing my texts for the day or working ahead.  I was faithful by God's grace and can recite every verse if you give me the first word.  I don't even need the prompters anymore.  I have had a harder time matching some of the verses with their scripture reference so for the next 21 days I am going to keep working on that plus adding verses of my own. I enjoyed your emails everyday and found them to be encouraging and helpful and most of all TRUE!  The things you were saying were panning out in my own experience.  I wish you were doing one sooner than September.  Each month would be good.  It's fun to feel somewhat accountable and know other people are working on the same thing. God bless you.   I will be sharing this with everyone I can .

I have enjoyed meditating on these 200 verses these past 3 weeks.  I was able to complete memorizing them in the NIV and would love to connect with anyone else who memorized them for encouragement and/or a possible joint quoting.  During the past two weeks, I was not able to read your daily encouragement as I was in a camp ministry with limited computer time.  However, I still found the focus on God's Word and the fasting from habits that did not bring me closer to God to be helpful each day.  I have your last 12 daily emails saved and will read them and meditate/respond to them when I get back from camp.  I would be interested in hearing from others who were also in the program.  Feel free to post my contact information.  In Christ, Phil Walker philjohn1558@yahoo.com    (845)416-8010   www.scripturememorychallenge.org

Phil Walker and I attend the same church and are both involved in the school where he teaches.  He is, of course, a great proponent of Scripture memorization.  I say all this as a preface because through him I have been more concretely exposed to Scripture memorization and its benefits.  I enjoyed these last 21 days.  I very much more greatly appreciate the importance of memorizing God's Word.  Certainly if our minds are on Him and His Word, they won't be on worldly things.  I plan to continue to memorize Scripture, though I want to first get a better handle on the 200 verses we just did.  I 'memorized' them each day, though don't truly remember most of them without peeking at the beginning of the verse at the very least.  For years I have started my day with reading the Word (at breakfast).  However, I have come to realize the value of quality vs quantity - and the fact that it is not about how often I have read through the Bible, or even how often I read the Bible, but about how it is hidden in my heart.

Interestingly enough we are reading The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges in our church book club.  This book stresses the value of memorizing Scripture.  A 'God coincidence' don't you think?!

I did recommend it even before I started, but certainly will recommend it now.  Thank you for all your hard work and words of instruction and encouragement.  I value them highly. Blessings!

I'm very glad for your program.  It's fun to do and easier than I thought.  I'm looking forward to the next one in the fall.  However, today's e-mail did not contain the attachment or the link to the forum.  I'll be looking forward to getting them.

Thank you so much for the Wordkeeping program; it has greatly heightened my appreciation and love for Scripture!  I have been going through some very emotionally difficult times, and I have found so much comfort, strength, and peace through meditating on His Word.  I found that the prompterizing approach works quite well for me--and as you said, it is actually quite fun! 

Another thing that I learned through these 21 days is that I have a lot more opportunities throughout the day to focus on the Word than I imagined!  I found myself using a few spare moments all day long to Wordkeep--it was easier than I thought.

One thing I was a bit overwhelmed with was the volume of texts each day.  I found that it's difficult to glean all that I possibly can from each text when I have 10 to focus on each day.  It's harder to remember if I have too many texts to deal with each day.  So I'm not sure if it would be more helpful to have fewer each day so that we can really let each one sink in more fully??  Not sure.

I've really appreciated this program you've developed and the very thoughtful and encouraging messages in your daily e-mails.  May God bless you abundantly for your effort and enthusiasm!

THANK YOU for allowing the Lord to use you in such a mighty way in getting us all to become more aware of memorizing the scriptures.  Many of us will make this an ongoing memorization, since we have not all been able to keep up with the texts as they came.

First, I want to thank you for asking your participants to try to get a partner-KL asked me and I would have never tried it otherwise.  Well, after the first day I was hooked!  Hooked on God-hooked on Jesus-hooked on His Word!

I loved the prompts-it really helps and as you said-is not taxing to the brain at all.  After the first day I had anyone I ran into try it-all my kids that could read, too!  I'm hoping you will have a lot more sign up as I couldn't rave more to all I came into contact with...

Making a commitment with the fasting and feasting was helpful also-because we can't take commitments lightly-if I didn't "feel" like wordkeeping-I just remembered my commitment and pushed through.

Also, your letters each day seemed like the Holy Spirit bringing just what we(my husband and I) needed.  He did not do the prompterizing-but would read your letter each day and had me read the verses to him.  Your letters about spiritual appetite probably touched us the most.  We realized a lot about ourselves and also how could we expect our children to be delighted with God and His word if they constantly gorged on Lego magazines?! It is like eating candy and having no room for the food that is good for you. Doesn't make a healthy body does it?

We plan on using this with our children and I hope to finally get some of those verses into me that I have always wanted to-by prompterizing.

Mostly though-spending time with my Beautiful Lord has been most excellent-meditating on His word, speaking His words out loud, hiding them in my heart for comfort, wisdom, battle, encouragement for myself and others.


Thanks a lot this blessed 21 days.  It is a real blessing and in fact i was also struggling to memorize the word of God.  This helped me a lot.  I have take the print and kept so that it will be an inspiration for me to read it again and gain and learn. I have made it a point learn at least a verse a day.

I loved the spiritual renewal and the articles and the scriptures that accompanied the articles.  I was able to memorize some of the scriptures given and I thought it was excellent.  I feel that I really learned more about myself and that I need to commit myself to God. I'm willing to work hard to do so because I need it so much.  God Bless you and all the work that you do. .

Thank you ever so much for the treasures that you have added to my life through these 21 days of wordkeeping I like your write ups for each of those days. It was a great experience just reading and meditating on the verses in light of what you write each day. I do take Bible study with EU students every Saturday at my residence. I will share with them the site for them to also to go through memorizing the scripture. I wish I had started early lot of my thought life would have been under control.

I like the one on Victory, Humility, war, prayer & meditation. Will continue to memorize as many as the Lord teaches me. Continue to pray for me and for my family. 

I am also sharing it with my son Ashley Roberts he also needs to grow in wordkeeping. Will keep in touch on a regular basis. I will Keep you informed of how God works in and through me in the coming days.

Thanks a lot for all your spiritual support .  may God bless your ministry.  I am a resident of Dubai, UAE , But from INDIA working in uae 

I really appreciated this time with my God. I loved getting the word everyday and hearing a different perspective on it at times. I also sent the mails to a sister in Christ who is serving overseas and she shared it with her troop which was encouraging. I believe it was day 16 that most impacted my life. I read where you stated; "Wordkeeping is basking in the Word, saturating the mind with the Word, immersing the soul with the Word. We dare not argue with the Word, because it is immutable, and it stands forever. Over 10 times in the scriptures we are reminded that we, as humans, will pass away, but God's Word abideth forever"

I grew up in the church, I have read the bible many times. I realized as an adult I didn't have the correct understanding. I also use the dictionary when I study the Word so that I have an understanding of what words mean. And what jumped out to me was the word, "basking"

bask (b sk)

intr.v. basked, bask·ing, basks

1. To expose oneself to pleasant warmth.

2. To take great pleasure or satisfaction: Web definitions for basking: positioning the body in direct sunlight for warmth

I thought to myself WOW.. do I respond to my relationship with my God this way?. Do I realize the true treasure of knowing HIM and the power of HIS word in my life?. I was convicted greatly by this study and all the others. Do I see the word as a need?. DO I revel in the power of it?. DO I allow it to consume me?. Or is it a passing thing?.. a obligation?.. I need  great humility my relationship with God taking time reveling in HIS goodness.. basking in HIS love for me... enjoying the place that HE has set before me. I was encouraged everyday to have the mails and looked for them with great anticipation. I know that anytime the word is shared your heart is affected. I consider myself to have a pretty good prayer life, but now  will "bask" in the shear knowledge of HIS presence for me and "the way" HE has prepared it. Thanks so much for your heart. And to God be the Glory!

May God be praised, honored and glorified in the wordkeeping project. What a blessing!

How has this 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal helped you? It's helping me reconnect with God's word personally.

Has it drawn you closer to God? Do you appreciate God's Word more? Has and is

Has it helped you develop new habits that will be spiritually beneficial to you? Yes...and doing so more all the time. My life has gotten pretty scattered. This is helping me redefine priorities related to God's word.   Do you plan to continue making God's Word a priority in your life? Yes. It is my life blood. As things have gotten more and more hectic in my life, it has seemed my very life blood has been sucked from me. God's word is my life. I must feast in it, or I die.

Thank You so much Linda for what You have been doing for all this while. I really enjoyed the 21days spiritual renewal. Although I was so busy with work but all the articles you have been sending to me were helping me so much. I was challenge in one way of the other and I learned a lot so my life is not the same. I appreciate it. May God almighty strengthen you by His grace. Thanks we will keep in touch.


This 21 days has been a great booster to my spiritual walk. I plan like never before to make God's Word a major priority in my life. I really want to say, the only priority, because without His Word, you have not life. His Word is Spirit and life.

In order for us to survive the coming crisis, we will have to fortify our minds with His truth. My prayer is that all of God's last day church, take the time to know God through His Word. I look forward to the next session and will pass it on to others so that they can see just how easy it is to memorize the Word of God.

The 21 days has helped me grow closer to the Lord. I feel excited about the word and I have learned so many promises that help me in my everyday struggles. I can prompterize almost all 200 verses! This program has made me love reading the word and I want to continue Wordkeeping!

How has this 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal helped you? It has helped me realize the importance of keeping the living Word alive in my life. · Has it drawn you closer to God? Do you appreciate God's Word more? Yes, I am closer to God because He now occupies more of my thoughts. Yes, it helps me to reverence the word more. Do you plan to continue making God's Word a priority in your life? Yes, I do. Grace be with you my friend! Amen I'm Still on the Potter's Wheel" Thank God!

I want to thank you for the time you put into this ministry.  I believe it is a valuable ministry and many will benefit from it to the extent they are willing to commit.  I cannot even begin to tell you the times that the word for a particular day was exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much.  God bless you, 

I have appreciated this 21 day program. It has helped me look more closely at God's word and how it applies to me.  I tried to go back and read the whole chapter.  I was able to meditate on all 200 texts and continue to do that. I do plan to make God's word a priority in my life. And will recommend this program  to others. My problem is that I cannot remember where the texts are found. Thank you for your ministry.  God Bless you Linda. This is just what I needed.

I'm afraid my focus was more on fasting than on feasting.  Although I'd made a half-hearted commitment to this 21-day spiritual renewal, I justified feasting on a sitcom the evening of July 1st after having taught for 9 1/2 hours.  The next morning when I went to turn on the TV to get the weather forecast, the on/off switch wouldn't work.  I told my husband what had happened & we both agreed it'd be a good idea to fast from television for 3 weeks.  So the switch still hasn't been fixed.  On my morning walks, instead of listening to Public Radio, I tuned in to a religious station full of gospel music & religious programming.  I also refrained from reading secular material, & feasted instead on spiritual growth books, etc.  After this fast, I've discovered I'm much more sensitive to the things at social events, etc., as well as things I might do or say that I believe offend our Savior.

My biggest weakness is in finding time to memorize scripture.  I also have trouble keeping up with my intercessory prayer list.  However, I did save all the prompterized scripture, & will, hopefully, find time to memorize some, if not all.

Thank you for taking time to do this.  You are raising awareness of our need to "Wordkeep", & your daily emails have been a blessing.  The Lord is certainly using you in a special way.

This experience has been very rewarding to me in many ways. It has re-established habits to memorize scripture, which I think is so important. During this 21-day process, I was approached by email by someone who was having great trials in her life, and I believe this program also helped put some of those verses right at my fingertips, etc. to share with her.  Praise God. So I thank you for reaching out beyond the normal routine in your life to take the time to help others feel encouraged. One more thing I have to share with you is yesterday's message came just at the right time.  Again, I believe a blessing that God inspired you to write that was so bolstering to my faith. Again, thanks for all your time. TF

Sister Linda, Thank you for the great efforts you have made in setting up the WordKeepers program. The email messages were always a blessing in their content, but sometimes a bit long.May the LORD bless you and those who have been WordKeepers this last 3 weeks! WL

Dear Linda, Thank you sooo much.  Yes, I definitely enjoyed this Wordkeeping session and feel closer to Jesus.  This is how I did it:  I printed out the scriptures on one page for each day and folded it lengthwise so the prompts would be on one side and the verses on the other.  Then I carried that page (and sometimes the one from the day before) and walked around my block each day studying the scriptures, which takes about 20-25 minutes.  I called it my daily walk with God. God even showered me with extra blessings like getting to see a tiny little fawn, squirrels, interesting birds, a calf and its mother, etc.  Then when I came home, my husband would quiz me and we would have breakfast. It was a wonderful way to start my day and I found myself thinking of the words at different times throughout the day. May God Bless you, JS

This 21 days has been a tremendous blessing to me.  I have drawn closer to God in a close and personal way. He has been waking me up just for this purpose.  That private time with God has been very sweet!  It has given me extra hours to pray, meditate, or should I say "Wordkeeping"?  I'm not good at memorizing, but He truly has blessed my small effort.  The texts are easy to learn.  I already knew most of them, but praying through each word and applying it to my life was just what I needed.  I can feel God extracting the "world" replacing it with the "word". He is preparing us for these last days.  We can't continue on life as usual.  Praise God that Linda has done this to encourage all of us, holding us accountable.  Just knowing that everyone else was doing this at the same time prompted me on to keep going.  If I fell behind I just caught up in a day or two. Praise be to God for this wonderful experience, and THANK YOU Linda!! JC

Linda...this was a huge blessing!...It really kept me sane through all the insanity that the enemy threw at me during this time...It really kept my mind balanced no matter how much the enemy rocked my boat...Dwelling on His truth and His promises was wonderful...Letting Him transform my thoughts and feelings...It has been a good focus...200 verses ...wow...what next? KB

Hi Linda! I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 21 days and even though some days I "fell off the wagon", I still came out ahead. The even better news is that by 10 year old daughter who only participated a few days knows 50 of them. Wow! I have found myself in situations in this past 21 days where I was able to recall scriptures that we had gone over for wisdom and comfort and also in listening to sermons and reading spiritual material, it was nice to be able to see only part of a verse and be able to finish it. What a wonderful feeling. I don't know how long it took you to put this program together or how many pains and struggles you went through to get it to what it is, but I can tell you it has been so worth it for just me alone.  Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way to minister to His people!   TLbtakt, Tlmhfsut, abgut: TLluhcut, agtp ;-) Y

Linda, What a blessing this has been to me!  I must say that these 21 days have really taught me a lot.  I have for years faithfully had my worships. But some how spending these 21 days meditating over these scriptures has been life changing.  I have found texts coming to my mind when I wake in the middle of the night or during a conversation with a friend.  I found them comforting during several stressful situations.  Thank you so very much Linda.  I look forward to meeting you in heaven  where I know that you will be shining as the stars forever and ever! LG

Dear Linda, thank you very much for this wonderful program. It was a real blessing. I really enjoyed it. I has drawn me close to God and I have discovered new things in the word of God which I did not notice before. God was really speaking through the scriptures to me. I have also learned to use the time more efficiently. It encouraged me to memorize the scripture during different activities (ironing, driving a car, cleaning the home etc.) Thank you for the inspiring and encouraging E-Mail every day and the whole program. I can definitely recommend it to others. May God bless you and your work richly. Thank you very much again. K

How has this 21 Days to Spiritual Renewal helped me? It has made me realize that I can memorize scripture!  I have tried before and always been frustrated.  I have not made it through all 200 verses, but will continue to memorize them and then move on to all the other ones you sent! I have spent more time with God and in His word and it does make a difference!  Thanks so much and may God continue to bless us all! JL

Dear Linda, Thank you for your daily letters of encouragement!  I am still amazed that you took the time to do all this, especially since I know you have a busy family The texts you picked out were excellent ones.  Many of them were pretty familiar to me. Thanks again for your encouragement to write God's Word in our hearts! MA

Just wanted to thank you for getting me back on track as far as memorization goes, plus all your encouraging e-mails every day, keeping us going!  Another thing I really liked was your suggesting of the "fast" from worldly things.  I have now a couple or so Sunday papers to get caught up on! (I know your point is to continue the 'fast', I'm sure!).  It was amazing how staying away from that stuff (as much as possible), made it easier to focus on God's Word.  One of the other things was chocolate and candy etc.  I noticed a marked difference in my ability to resist temptation!  That was astounding to me - how much that makes a difference.  Now I'm not even tempted to eat the stuff (though the Devil has thrown a couple bags of chocolate and stuff in my direction just to test that theory). Anyway, it was a TRUE blessing, and although INTENSE, was wonderful. anonymous



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Created April 8, 2008

Ps. 119:18

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.