Wordkeeping - Keeping God's Word in Our Hearts

"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." Psalm 119:11

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Benefits of Wordkeeping

Wordkeeping will:

  • Bring about a spiritual revival in my life
  • Improve my prayer life
  • Keep my conversation spiritual
  • Lay up treasure in heaven, because my heart is there.
  • Put the mind of Christ in me.
  • Increase my love for the Word
  • Place my top priority on God's kingdom
  • Increase my faith and dependence on God
  • Teach truth and bring wisdom
  • Opens my heart to commune with God
  • Wash sin right out of me!

Do you love God's Word? I mean, do you desire it continually, with a passion and intensity that overrides every other desire? It is more precious to you than money or possessions? Is it more thrilling to you than any entertainment or activity? Would you rather feast on God's Word than eat a delicious meal?

Or is the Bible rather dull and dry and hard to understand? Do you find it difficult to keep focused on the Bible as you read it? Does your mind wander to other topics? What about your prayer life? Do you lack meaningful content, and fervor in your prayers? Do you neglect prayer and Bible study because you are just too busy with life?

If this has been your experience, discover how you can come alive spiritually by Wordkeeping!

All the superlatives and glowing descriptions of Wordkeeping don't do it justice. The benefits and rewards are truly out of this world, because Wordkeeping was designed in heaven by our Creator!

Wordkeeping is not a man-made program, but a divine experience. It is God's system for reprogramming our faulty way of thinking into His infinitely superior way of thinking. He is the One who invites each one of His children to become Wordkeepers.

The Power of Wordkeeping

When you spend a deliberate amount of focused time to meditate on God's Word every day, powerful things happen. By focusing on one text until you own it, it becomes part of your thinking and operating principle, bringing about an automatic response of obedience. And, in so doing, you will eventually memorize the text, so you can take it with you. It's hidden, and can't be stolen from you. It becomes your personal treasure!

Wordkeeping is keeping the Word of God, grasping and holding on to it tightly, and permanently. To Keep the Word means to guard it carefully and preserve it.

God's Word must be received spiritually, and installed in our thoughts and in our emotions as an operating principle, so that it becomes part of our very character. Wordkeeping is our spiritual life that God give us as we are born again.

The Holy Bible, both the Old and New Testament is God's gift to man, our most precious treasure. The Word contains God's message of hope for mankind. The Bible is more than just a book, it is ALIVE with spiritual power. God's creative power is embedded in His Word. When God speaks, things happen. God's Word is God's voice speaking to our hearts.

Jesus Christ represents the Father to us. He is the Word made flesh. The Bible reveals the marvelous love and compassion of God for humanity in giving His Son to us. And Jesus, because of His intense love for us, sent the Holy Spirit to represent Him after He ascended to heaven. The Holy Spirit brings the Truth about God, as revealed by Jesus, to our hearts through the Word of God. So the Word is truly the revelation of God's love.

And God's love is the most POWERFUL force in the universe. His love was revealed on the cross, as Jesus paid the penalty for our sins. He wants us to experience the power of His love. Experiencing the POWER of the Word is what Wordkeeping is all about.

Wordkeeping is eating spiritually, by prayerful meditation and contemplation of God's Word, slowly, reverently assimilating it by taking it apart and savoring it, bit by bit. Wordkeeping brings about a deep longing for the Word, a cherishing of the Word, retaining the Word, and following the Word. Wordkeeping is the way of life for a Christian.

Wordkeeping is to be our top priority, a continual experience of Loving God, Loving and appreciating His Word. The Bible is the most pure source of God's Will. It is in actuality God speaking to us.

If you truly value God's Word, you seek it diligently. You provide yourself with opportunities to get more and more of it permanently lodged in your soul. It is the deepest level of Bible study, not just following a prepared outline or study guide, but delving deep into the Word, like mining for hidden treasure.

Wordkeeping is a sacred covenant to abide in Christ through His Word. We must get the Word in, diligently, persevering, continually. That's what the Wordkeeping program is designed to do, help you get the Word into your mind. The Holy Spirit is your Wordkeeping partner, as He bring the Word to life within you.

The experience of Wordkeeping is beautifully described in Psalm chapter 1.

God's Word, hidden in the heart by Wordkeeping, has the power to transform the life.

Can you think of one thing in life that is more important than Wordkeeping? Please let me know if you come up with anything!




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Created April 8, 2008

Luke 11:13

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?